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Time races.
See nothing but bloodied faces.

Through cracks in the mask.
Is that smile or a frown.
Why worry? Why ask?
In the end, we all drown.

Straight line!! Forward we march.
Trying to connect those dots.
As the vertebrae arch.
Not one. Not two. But lots.

Then we realize..

Time races.
See nothing but bloodied faces.

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Beyond the horizon..

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Wandering through the land of unknown
got a glimpse of you from a distance.
Time paused for a minute
as I froze in my stance.

Can’t take my eyes away
or my soul.
Just like light, which cannot escape
from a black hole.

Beauty beyond comparison.
On the whole.
looked like stars circling
around the black hole.

One last breath. I surrender.
Beyond the horizon lies


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A Promise..

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Alone in this unknown world.
Your first embrace made me cry.
‘Destiny’, you whispered in my ear.
and a promise to be with me
until my last breath.

Days.. Months.. Years passed by.
We spent our time together.
‘Slowly and steady’
You were burning me from the inside.
blamed the butterflies in my stomach

As darkness prowl upon me.
One last time, I take you in.
‘Don’t leave me alone’ I cried.
‘I won’t, until your last breath’ she replied
As I close my eyes and fall into an endless sea.

~ A love story between humans and air (oxygen) ~31/Oct/2015~

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