Lover’s band

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Melancholic thoughts keeps me woken.
Don’t test my tension by pulling me apart.
As misery and pain are unspoken.
People take their depart.
I remain heartbroken.
Left with a mark and a sting from a dart.

In collaboration with BQ.


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I am here for you

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I am still here
Why can’t they see me.
Crying, engulfed by fear.
Why can’t they hear me.

My mortal feels like a rime.
No pain. No emotion.
Frozen in time.
With scattering thoughts.

Then I saw her reflection.
Made by my dripping claret.
I was scared by her intention.
When she reached out to me.

“Don’t worry my love.
You are not alone.
Come with me. Let’s hove.
I am here for you.”   Grim ‘Death‘ Reaper said


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Using Galaxy S4 I9505
Using Galaxy S4 I9505

When the sky becomes dark and gray.
Air is filled with sorrow and grave.
Feeling dead is what conveyed by autumn.
When leaves fall endlessly into the bottom.

Taunted by silence and haunted by fears.
The whole world comes down with tears.
Blackened sky,frozen land and drizzling rain.
Tell endless stories of bleeding heart and raging pain.


Here I am..

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Here I am, lying naked,
Taking in all the pain.

Staring at the window,
Tears rolling down the pane.
It’s dark and cold,
Drowning myself in bane.
I wish you were here,
Your warmth makes sane.

Here I am, craving for your love.
As I think about the rain.


Based on a True story..

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Walking through an alley.
texting a girl named Sally.
Walked a mile
Looking at my phone with a smile.
We talked and talked.
As I walked and walked.

All of a sudden, I felt a thumping pain.
As if, I was beaten by a cane.
May be cupid’s aim at my heart.
Separating my soul and body apart.
Regained my consciousness.
In the darkness.

It wasn’t cupid’s lurk.
But a stupid’s work.
Named Micheal.
lost control of his vehicle.
Mowed me down from behind.
For me, it was one of a kind.

*Based on a true story* ~24/Oct/2015~

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You Are My..

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Caught a glimpse of her in a sea of people.
our eyes connected for a second.
heart started to pound heavily.
You are my palpitation.

Is this love at first sight?

raced towards her.
short of breath.. lost my balance.
can’t let her go.. out of my sight.
You are my north star.

Love.  Love..  Love…

were the only words muttered.
confused.. vision skewed.
unable to talk or comprehend.
You are my poison of choice.

Struck by cupid’s arrow.

pierced my heart.
lost my balance, flew towards her.
could see fear in her eyes.
You are my ….

This must be love. My love..

woke up and doctors enquired
why I had a smile on my face.
Oh.. To think about it..
You are my heart attack.


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