Earth’s Fatal Attraction

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There is no north or south.
Just my life spiraling around you.
Racing through the ocean of darkness.
Reminding me of our relationship,
Doomed to end in disappointment.
Is just another fatal attraction.




Hide & Seek

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Using Galaxy S4 I9505

Don’t hide from me.
As I look at your crimson face.
I could feel your warmth.
As I reach out through endless space.

~ The best moment of Year 2016 (January)

Tin Man..

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A knight in shining armour.
Distracted by the noise around.
Distracted by his duty. 
Marched through the day.

As sun dived into the sea.
Life came to a standstill.
He missed those sweet murmurs.
Unable to comprehend.

He searched high and low.
He couldn’t feel her.
In despair.. He yelled..
“Where are you.. My Heart..


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I wish..

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I wish,
I could remove my mask.
Being humane
is daunting task.

To fight and rise
above the clart.

I wish,
I could fly.
From this world of
deceit and lies.

To place where people
are good at heart.

I wish,
I had the choice.
To straighten my past
and harden my voice.

To rewind my life
for a new start.


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Birth to Death

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Birth to death, a man’s lifetime ranges.
Journey of oppressive and undreamed changes.
This definitely gives him a thought.
Why..!! Why he faces problems a lot.

To seek answer to wretched past.
Or to be concerned about his dwindling future.
Living through uncanny and deceptive present.
All he does… is resent.


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