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Time races.
See nothing but bloodied faces.

Through cracks in the mask.
Is that smile or a frown.
Why worry? Why ask?
In the end, we all drown.

Straight line!! Forward we march.
Trying to connect those dots.
As the vertebrae arch.
Not one. Not two. But lots.

Then we realize..

Time races.
See nothing but bloodied faces.

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Based on a True story..

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Walking through an alley.
texting a girl named Sally.
Walked a mile
Looking at my phone with a smile.
We talked and talked.
As I walked and walked.

All of a sudden, I felt a thumping pain.
As if, I was beaten by a cane.
May be cupid’s aim at my heart.
Separating my soul and body apart.
Regained my consciousness.
In the darkness.

It wasn’t cupid’s lurk.
But a stupid’s work.
Named Micheal.
lost control of his vehicle.
Mowed me down from behind.
For me, it was one of a kind.

*Based on a true story* ~24/Oct/2015~

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