There are times..

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There are times,
When my words gets lost seeing your lips..
As I feel the sweetness of the honey.

There are times,
When my fingers gets lost in your hair..
As I feel the waves of the ocean.

There are times,
When my eyes gets lost by your glance..
As I feel the pull of the black hole.

There are times,
When my heart gets lost by your love..
As I feel warmth of the sun.


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Oh My Love..

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Oh my love..
I wonder how did you sojourn..
dirt and stench brewing around.
untouched by the worldly sins.

Oh my love..
I wonder how soothing your body might be..
naked pink voluptuous body.
unfazed by my tempting eyes.

Oh my love..
I wonder why are you beyond my reach..
take refuge away from dire.
inside my thumping heart.

Oh my love..
I wonder why you surrender.
beneath the feet of God.
cursed by zealots.

Oh my love..
we aren’t destined to be..
our love can be timeless.
but your life will fade in my arm.

Oh my love..
Angel of hope..
Rise. Grow. Bloom.
shine towards the sun.

Oh my Lotus..


In Love..

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I start my day searching for you,
Even though you sleep beside me.
When I touch your curvy smooth body,
You brighten my world, to see.

Days.. Months.. Years.. flew by,
I can’t think of a day without you.

How you lighten up,
When we chat, with people we know.
How you lie down silently,
When I’m  feeling low.

Call me crazy..
I think I’m in love with my smartphone.


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Gazing through infinite seas of stars.
She sits besides me.
My heart starts to flutter.
As she leans towards me.

I hold her in my arms.
As I take a deep breath in.
I close my eyes.
As my lips caress her’s.

The taste of her metallic lipstick.
lingers in my mouth.
My hands slid over her curves.
As I hold on to her tight.


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Lights off.
Curtains closed.
Music off.
Eyes closed.
Listen to your heart as it sings
a lullaby to you and only for you..

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A colon & A closing parenthesis

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She asked, Do you love me?

I wish you could read my mind,
My thoughts are all about you.
I wish you could read my palm,
My future is with you.
I wish you could feel my heart,
As it beats only for you.
I wish you could feel my love,
As I get overwhelmed with this feeling.

I replied.. 🙂


~Alexithymia – No words for emotions

Using Galaxy S4 I9505


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Using Galaxy S4 I9505
Using Galaxy S4 I9505

When the sky becomes dark and gray.
Air is filled with sorrow and grave.
Feeling dead is what conveyed by autumn.
When leaves fall endlessly into the bottom.

Taunted by silence and haunted by fears.
The whole world comes down with tears.
Blackened sky,frozen land and drizzling rain.
Tell endless stories of bleeding heart and raging pain.



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With light cut off,
World plunged to darkness.
All you could do, is to close your eyes
and pray for forgiveness.

For the words
you shouldn’t have spoken.
and for the hearts


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Sniper’s Logbook – Eros

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Wind gusting through the plain
as my transport lands.
Got orders from the top.
Secret mission in my hands.

Scouted for a vantage point.
Never questioned the heavenly will
As the target gets distracted by her words.
I am ready for my first kill.

Scoped for his heart.
Pulled the trigger in a flash.
Pierced the target like a dart.
As he goes down on his knees.

Their eyes connected and froze.
She was confused and pale.
As he stood still in that pose.
She could feel his heart yearning for her.

As their lips became one .
So did their soul.
My first sniper experience was fun
and beautiful.

I relayed the message back to base
“Mission Accomplished”
This is Agent Eros a.k.a Cupid
Signing off…

February 14.


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Hide & Seek

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Using Galaxy S4 I9505

Don’t hide from me.
As I look at your crimson face.
I could feel your warmth.
As I reach out through endless space.

~ The best moment of Year 2016 (January)

Tin Man..

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A knight in shining armour.
Distracted by the noise around.
Distracted by his duty. 
Marched through the day.

As sun dived into the sea.
Life came to a standstill.
He missed those sweet murmurs.
Unable to comprehend.

He searched high and low.
He couldn’t feel her.
In despair.. He yelled..
“Where are you.. My Heart..


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You Are My..

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Caught a glimpse of her in a sea of people.
our eyes connected for a second.
heart started to pound heavily.
You are my palpitation.

Is this love at first sight?

raced towards her.
short of breath.. lost my balance.
can’t let her go.. out of my sight.
You are my north star.

Love.  Love..  Love…

were the only words muttered.
confused.. vision skewed.
unable to talk or comprehend.
You are my poison of choice.

Struck by cupid’s arrow.

pierced my heart.
lost my balance, flew towards her.
could see fear in her eyes.
You are my ….

This must be love. My love..

woke up and doctors enquired
why I had a smile on my face.
Oh.. To think about it..
You are my heart attack.


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I wish..

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I wish,
I could remove my mask.
Being humane
is daunting task.

To fight and rise
above the clart.

I wish,
I could fly.
From this world of
deceit and lies.

To place where people
are good at heart.

I wish,
I had the choice.
To straighten my past
and harden my voice.

To rewind my life
for a new start.


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