I am here for you

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I am still here
Why can’t they see me.
Crying, engulfed by fear.
Why can’t they hear me.

My mortal feels like a rime.
No pain. No emotion.
Frozen in time.
With scattering thoughts.

Then I saw her reflection.
Made by my dripping claret.
I was scared by her intention.
When she reached out to me.

“Don’t worry my love.
You are not alone.
Come with me. Let’s hove.
I am here for you.”   Grim ‘Death‘ Reaper said


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Six feet under..

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In a week,
I will be in a space,
six feet under – end of my game.

In a month,
without a face,
no body to hold my fame.

In a year,
I will be in a place,
where  no-one will know my name.


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Birth to Death

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Birth to death, a man’s lifetime ranges.
Journey of oppressive and undreamed changes.
This definitely gives him a thought.
Why..!! Why he faces problems a lot.

To seek answer to wretched past.
Or to be concerned about his dwindling future.
Living through uncanny and deceptive present.
All he does… is resent.


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