Lover’s band

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Melancholic thoughts keeps me woken.
Don’t test my tension by pulling me apart.
As misery and pain are unspoken.
People take their depart.
I remain heartbroken.
Left with a mark and a sting from a dart.

In collaboration with BQ.



Welcome to this world.

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Welcome to the world,
Born by cutting the wire.
One and only real connection.
Wait. This is just start of your dire.
Gates open. Hordes sent for domestication
Time to read, to pee and back to shire.
No space of creativity or innovation.
Is everybody a big liar?
Welcome to this world.

Image Source : Wallpapermania

About Ra’me’shhh..!!

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Thank you for showing interest to know about me.


I have no idea why I created this blog.
What’s with blog name?
No humans were harmed in the making of this blog.
Unless otherwise stated, everything you read here (except this little essay) is fiction.

Of-course, I will brag about myself about things I have done or not done in never-land. But I am not planning to do it here. If you still feel adventurous/crazy or you want to convey your thoughts to make my blog better.

Feel free to contact me via mail
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